Result for October 23rd 2001

The IL Mega Millions numbers for October 23rd 2001 are displayed below. You can see a full prize breakdown, which shows the number of winners in Illinois as well as the total winners across all participating states. You can also see how many winners included the Megaplier, and how much they won.

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Mega Millions Draw Date: October 23rd 2001

24 32 34 38 46 2

No winner

Prize Breakdown

Prize Level Prize Amount Total Winners
Match 5 plus Mega Ball: $7,000,000 -
Match 5: $150,000 -
Match 4 plus Mega Ball: $5,000 -
Match 4: $150 -
Match 3 plus Mega Ball: $100 -
Match 3: $5 -
Match 2 plus Mega Ball: $5 -
Match 1 plus Mega Ball: $2 -
Match 0 plus Mega Ball: $1 -

In this draw no players matched the five main numbers and Mega Ball, making the Jackpot Rollover to the next draw!

Winning Numbers