Illionois Lottery Result for December 24th 2012

The Illinois Lottery draw is held every Friday at 9.22PM CST.

The six balls are drawn, one at a time from the 52 in the drum, then one Extra Shot ball is drawn from a further set of 25 numbers. This Extra Shot number is important to players who have either matched none of the main numbers, or matched 1 or 2, as matching the Extra Shot will enable them to win a prize when they otherwise would have walked away empty handed.

Illinois Lottery Draw Date: December 24th 2012

5 6 13 40 48 49 9

No winner

Illinois Lottery Prize Breakdown

Prize Level Prize Amount Winners
Match 6: $2,300,000 No Winners. Rollover!
Match 5 plus Extra Shot: $30,600
Match 5: $1,224
Match 4 plus Extra Shot: $862.50
Match 4: $34.50
Match 3 plus Extra Shot: $75.00
Match 3: $3.00
Match 2 plus Extra Shot: $10.00
Match 1 plus Extra Shot: $2.00
Match 0 plus Extra Shot: $5.00

In this draw no players matched the six draw numbers along with the Extra Shot,
making the Jackpot Rollover to the next draw.

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