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Get in touch with to find out the answers to any questions you might have about playing the lottery in Illinois. The contact information you need is displayed below, whether you want to email or mail in your queries. We will always aim to reply as quickly as possible.

Before you contact us, however, you may find the information you are looking for by going to the FAQs page. A couple more common queries are shown here:

What do I do if I win an Illinois Lottery prize?

If you’ve won an Illinois Lottery prize, congratulations. The next step is to claim your money. There are various different ways to do this – at retail, at a claim center, by mail or via an e-claim. The options available to you depend on how much you have won, but you must make sure you come forward within one year. Go to the How to Claim page for more information about collecting prizes.

Can I still claim a prize if I’ve lost my ticket?

You won’t be able to claim a prize if you have lost your ticket. It is your responsibility to keep any lottery tickets you purchase from a retailer safe. Signing the back of it is always recommended as it proves it belongs to you. If you play online, there is no chance of your ticket getting lost as there will be a digital record of your numbers.

What is Lotto Extra Shot?

Extra Shot is a feature of Lotto that you can add to your ticket for $1 per line. An extra number will be generated on your ticket at random, so you can’t choose it yourself. This number will be between 1 and 25, and could be the same as one of your six main numbers. Visit the Lotto page to find out more about Extra Shot and how it gives you more chances to win prizes.

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