How to Play

Play the Lottery

To play the Illinois Lottery, players are required to first choose six numbers from a possible 52. As each ticket provides two lines per entry, players must then choose another set of six. Players also have the option to choose an Extra Shot number for each line from a further range of 1 - 25 for a small extra cost. This will increase the chances of winning a lottery prize. If players do not wish to choose their own numbers, they can opt for the Quick Pick option, which will see the sets of numbers automatically generated for them.

To win a prize, players must match two numbers upwards on the standard game or just the Extra Shot upwards if they played this option. Players without the Extra Shot option have five chances to win a prize ranging from $1 right up to the jackpot, with a 1 in 7 chance of winning a prize. Players who have purchased the Extra Shot option have a massive eleven opportunities to win a prize with a 1 in 5.6 chance, so buying that Extra Shot can really earn you extra cash!

Draws Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday Night

There are three draws held per week on the Illinois Lotto, with each draw taking place at 21.22 CST and the draws themselves are broadcast on WGN-TV. If you miss this draw however, results can be found on this website shortly afterwards. Ticket sales close at 21.15 CST on the night of each draw, and re-open shortly after the numbers have been drawn.

Prior to the draw, one drawing machine and three sets of balls are selected at random, and then the ball set which is to be used in the draw is then selected by a special drawing machine. A rehearsal draw is always carried out before hand to test the equipment, after which the balls are re-racked and the machine re-sealed again until the draw time.

The six balls are drawn, one at a time from the 52 in the drum, then one Extra Shot ball is drawn from a further set of 25 numbers. This Extra Shot number is important to players who have either matched none of the main numbers, or matched 1 or 2, as matching the Extra Shot will enable them to win a prize when they otherwise would have walked away empty handed.

If there is no jackpot winner, the pari-mutuel jackpot will roll over to the following draw, and it will continue to roll until a winner is found who matches all six numbers.