Illinois Lotto Winning Numbers

Your source for all the latest IL Lotto numbers from the past five draws. The results are posted here just after the drawing takes place every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:22 PM CST – so be sure to check back often to see if you’re a winner!

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Lotto is an Illinois-exclusive draw game with a multimillion-dollar jackpot starting at $2 million that rolls over until someone wins it. Add Extra Shot for six more chances to win non-jackpot prizes. Read more on the How to Play Illinois Lotto page.

Prizes are valid for one year after the draw. To check your older tickets, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Lotto Past Results” to see winning numbers back to May 2009.

Jackpot: $4,550,000 Rollover! 1
16 18 20 27 42 50 3
Jackpot: $4,400,000 Rollover! 1
21 25 29 30 38 49 24
Jackpot: $4,250,000 Rollover! 1
12 16 22 25 26 45 17
Jackpot: $4,100,000 Rollover! 1
17 27 29 34 36 38 23
Jackpot: $3,950,000 Rollover! 1
26 28 32 36 39 52 2

The Illinois Lotto has a minimum jackpot of $2 million, but as the jackpot has no rollover cap and will roll over until it is won, jackpots can often run into the tens of millions. Jackpot winners can choose to receive their winnings either in a lump sum or as an annuity over 26 years.

The highest jackpot ever won was back in 1989 when four people shared $69.9 million, which is the equivalent to approximately $146 million today. The winners included Ron Miller, a hog buyer in Little York, Dan Dixon from Naperville, Pat Baerske who bought the winning ticket in O'Fallon and Barbara Lambert from Windy City itself.

Illinois Lottery Past Results